We are a team of proactive high-school students looking to combat observable problems in our community arising from the novel coronavirus.

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COVID-19 has left our world fearful and fragmented. Consequently, several different groups have been devoid of basic necessities and helpful resources. We're here to change that.

In response to our current pandemic, Six Feet Solutions was created to provide resources and supplies to various communities, ranging from older adults to those experiencing homelessness, and topics such as fitness, studying and food delivery. 


We have taken note of COVID-19's negative impact on our community, including at-risk individuals devoid of basic necessities, students falling behind in their academics, and individuals lacking resources for mental and physical health. As such, our organization aims to establish a reliable system of innovative, helpful solutions for these affected communities in order to reduce the effects of the outbreak on our community.

We understand that our solutions will not completely replicate the conditions of normalcy prior to the outbreak. However, through our efforts, we hope to provide the support and resources to minimize the complications that our community experiences.


Meet the team


Zoe Monterola

Executive Director

Hi! I'm Zoe and I'm a junior at Valencia High School. I spend most days stuck in my own head, stuck in my room figuring out a way to satiate my curiosity. In the future, I would like to do something involving advocacy, health, and creativity.  


Hey, my name's Eric and I'm a junior at West Ranch High School. When I'm not listening to good music, I'm indulging myself in politics or ideating my next debate. I get made fun of for my angry demeanor, but I promise I am nice.

Eric Luo

Executive Director


Min Ju Kim

Creative Director

Art and design has been of paramount influence to my life, shaping my experiences and who I am and want to be. Through some all-nighters, this pandemic has allowed my art and creativity to be on showcased on digital platforms that will reach and positively influence many communities. 

CONTACT: minju5778@gmail.com


Carter Cote

Project Manager,

Web Developer

Throughout my life, my resiliency and goal-setting practices have shaped me into the problem-solving, ambitiously curious student that I am today. Considering the amount of challenges arising from our current pandemic, I hope to utilize my creative aptitude to provide innovative solutions and useful content in order to combat these problems.


Shaira Busnawi

Six Feet Support

Shaira Busnawi is a junior at West Ranch High School. Shaira is the captain of the tennis team and is passionate about helping others. She hopes to pursue a future in law.


Sydney McDonald

Six Feet Support

​Ever since I was young, I grew up constantly being surrounded by friends and family, which has made this pandemic so evermore difficult. It is important to me that seniors, as well as many others dealing with isolation, aren’t feeling alone and scared during this time. I created this project to reach out to people living on their own or even in assisted living care (like seniors) that want to talk about anything, with teens that care about them.


Cassie Bensko

Six Feet Stories

Living in a home with two immunocompromised people, the immediate importance of practicing social distancing is easy to grasp. I do not have to imagine a demographic of at risk people that I did not know in order to motivate my social distancing. Seeing young and able-bodied people misunderstand the cruciality of social distancing made me wonder what I could do to help build empathy for high risk individuals because we as a collective are only as strong as our most vulnerable member.


Jenine Mariano

Six Feet Strong

​Struggling to grasp with our pandemic, as well as a recent breakup, I discovered the joy and distraction of running and keeping up with physical fitness everyday. Living with a gym freak of a brother along with my immune compromised mother, I have found a passion for physical and mental health that has pushed me to create Six Feet Strong to ensure that members around our community are able to remain physically and mentally well.


Mukul Mohanty

Six Feet Support

Mukul Mohanty is a junior at West Ranch High School. Mukul plays on the varsity basketball team and is a long-tenured Boy Scout. Mukul loves to help others, and he hopes to pursue medicine in the future.


Shaun Thomas

Six Feet Skills

As a student during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is really frustrating to know I cannot go back to school. However, as a lifelong learner, I believe this time is a great chance to learn and explore the rest of the world that I have never seen before. My fellow peers and I have a new opportunity to learn useful skills to use for our futures. This platform is the perfect way to get started!


Ann Basil

Six Feet Studying

As the pandemic unfolded, our education system shifted online , and I watched as my fellow peers begin to struggle as a result. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected students ability to reach out to teachers in the same way they had been able to do so before, so I sought to fix that through a form of tele-tutoring that students could access and gain tutoring and help from fellow peers so we can help every student get back up on their feet and solidify their academic understanding. 

CONTACT: ann.basil@gmail.com


Curtis Lee

Six Feet Skills

As a student looking to discover my academic and career pathway, I aspire to learn about what interests me and who I will soon become. The global pandemic has revealed new opportunities of learning useful skills in this day and age. This revelation had proved to be an opportunity to build upon myself and my fellow classmates.


Christine Riel

Six Feet Saviors

My mother is an essential healthcare worker. Through her efforts, I have personally witnessed the intensity and hardship that our healthcare workers have to endure during this pandemic. In response, I wanted to ensure that our healthcare workers know that their work and compassion is truly appreciated by their community. I created this project to connect our community and its healthcare workers through words of encouragement and small, yet heart-felt gestures.


Krysta Mendoza

Six Feet Scribble

Prior to the quarantine, I routinely volunteered to help elementary school kids with special needs kids and I constantly played with the kids in my neighborhood. Anxious about the impact that the quarantine has had on these kids, I created this project to allow kids to have fun and be creative from the safety of their homes (and give parents time to catch up around the house !).