COVID-19 has left our world fearful and fragmented. Consequently, several different groups have been devoid of basic necessities and helpful resources. We're here to change that.

In response to our current pandemic, Six Feet Solutions was created to provide resources and supplies to various communities, ranging from older adults to those experiencing homelessness, and topics such as fitness, studying and food delivery. 


We have taken note of COVID-19's negative impact on our community, including at-risk individuals devoid of basic necessities, students falling behind in their academics, and individuals lacking resources for mental and physical health. As such, our organization aims to establish a reliable system of innovative, helpful solutions for these affected communities in order to reduce the effects of the outbreak on our community.

We understand that our solutions will not completely replicate the conditions of normalcy prior to the outbreak. However, through our efforts, we hope to provide the support and resources to minimize the complications that our community experiences.



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