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Striving to create a community that welcomes the unhoused and create a platform to amplify their voices


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What's the problem?

Unhoused people are disrespected and criminalized by SCV and the LA County and are under even more pressure because of COVID-19.

What's our solution?

Six Feet Shelters was created to bring relief to a high risk group during COVID-19 and will continue to service the unhoused beyond this pandemic. We plan to give donations and fresh lunches to our local shelters and redesign Bridge to Home in a dignifying way. Our plan is to destigmatize unhoused people in SCV. 

Current efforts?

  • Donated a TV and a fire stick for entertainment, board games, crafts, blankets and clothes and made 80 fresh lunches

  • We strive to create a community that welcomes the unhoused and create a platform to amplify their voices. We aim for the unhoused to feel safe during this pandemic and look forward to life after quarantine

What's our strategy?

What's our vision?

  • We ask our community to donate supplies to our local shelter for unhoused people. Bridge to Home's supply wish list will be on the website and updated weekly. For now, we plan to give Bridge to Home 80 sack lunches. A team of 3 will meet at Global Prep Academy to assemble the sack lunches and deliver them the same day by 12am. The team will be socially distanced, wear face masks, gloves, and follow all of the CDC's sanitary measures to ensure there is no spread of COVID-19

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Amanda Fife

Six Feet Shelter

- Amanda Fife, Founder

I saw unhoused people disrespected in Santa Clarita Valley and everywhere I went. I saw people cross the street to avoid them, yell at them, or pretend they didn’t even exist. This behavior is reflected in laws that Santa Clarita Valley upholds like Ordinance 14 and SCV has made it practically impossible for homeless people to be seen or heard. After listening to Theo Henderson’s podcast, I was motivated to change the stigma against the unhoused.