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In Dec. 2019, I was diagnosed with COVID. It pains me to see people ignoring social distancing.

Christine, 69, CA.

I am a 69 year old single female, living by myself in my own home. I have been living with an autoimmune disease most of my life, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in my early 40s. I was able to keep it under control for the most part with medication. However, the first med (Plaquenil), after being on it for many years, started to damage my retinas so I was taken off of it immediately (2015). Then I was prescribed methotrexate, which worked for a while, then it caused damage to my lungs and brought on a bout of pneumonia (Jan. 2018) so was taken off that. I was put on oxygen and steroids after that for several months then was fine until Nov. of 2018 when I started having trouble breathing again. It seemed my lungs were having a relapse, so probably not completely healed earlier in the year. Hospitalization in Jan. 2019, oxygen, more steroids, then was fine again until November of 2019 when I started having trouble breathing again. Hospitalization in Jan. 2020, same routine but was diagnosed with COPD so I'm now on an inhaler for the rest of my life.

In Dec. 2019, I was diagnosed with COVID, which means my immune system was not working (very compromised), and have been getting gamma gau infusions every 4 weeks since Feb. 2020. So now the COVID-19 epidemic hits the world after my first treatment. I have been quarantined since March 15, a day after my birthday. I can’t go out to any public place, I can only go out around my home, always with a mask. If I see a neighbor I have to stay 6 feet away. I used to see my family often, but now I only see them through my front door or on Facetime. I only communicate with friends with a phone call or text. No more movies, no more eating out, no more library.

When I see people ignoring social distancing and masks, I am astounded at their selfishness and ignorance. I will probably have to wear a mask for a very long time, even after businesses start opening up. I get my medication through the mail, which I'm totally okay with. My doctors have started video (or audio) appointments. which are fine for now, as I am feeling okay. Not sure about how it will be after this. I stay busy with housework, yard work, reading, jigsaw puzzles, talking to family and friends, checking emails, streaming TV.

The thing I look forward to the most after this will be going to the grocery store myself. Different groups of socially conscious individuals have been awesome delivering groceries, especially the kids at Six Feet Supplies, exposing themselves to this disease to help me. I have learned to appreciate these people as well as my family and friends, who have all been so helpful for me since I am pretty helpless during this quarantine. So this is my life, I hope my world will get back to normal soon, whatever that will mean.

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