Sharing gratitude and appreciation for our community healthcare workers.


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Giving thanks to our frontline heroes.


Our healthcare workers are on the frontlines of battling this pandemic, risking their safety and health in the process. We want to show our appreciation for their heroic efforts.


Here's Tommy Milone, American professional baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles.

(and current SCV resident!) 

Join Tommy and countless other notable figures in entertainment and sports! Submit your video clip showing your appreciation for our healthcare workers at Henry Mayo today!


Send a message to our frontline healthcare workers

We are taking submissions for 15-20 second video clips that show your appreciation for our dedicated healthcare workers treating COVID-19 at Henry Mayo Hospital. Fill out this form to get featured! Please do not provide personal health or other sensitive information.

Thanks for submitting! A team member will get back to you in the next 1-3 days!

Giving back to our community healthcare workers.

About us

What's the problem?

Healthcare workers in our community are fighting a pandemic that threatens not only the safety of others, but their own as well. With a dangerously low supply of personal protective equipment (PPE), an unusually contagious virus, and extra-long hours, healthcare workers are currently pushed to their limits personally and professionally. Many have separated themselves from their families out of precaution, which denies them essential emotional support during this difficult time. Healthcare workers are working tirelessly to assist others at the expense of their own safety and comfort. This is the right time to offer them support in any way possible. 

What's our solution?

We want to show our healthcare workers that their community not only cares about them but also appreciates ALL of their efforts. There is no higher stakes moment in our country’s health care system, and we must show these saviors that we are supporting them through their most difficult moments.  Our plan is to curate a video (which will include members of our community, celebrities, athletes and political figures) where people will express a short 5-10 second message expressing their gratitude for our local healthcare workers. This video will then link to a GoFundMe account, where 100% of donations will go directly to Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital.

We want to make sure they are celebrated, supported, and appreciated, and we have the young people who have the energy and will to offer support. 

At a glance

My mother is an essential healthcare worker. Through her efforts, I have personally witnessed the intensity and hardship that our healthcare workers have to endure during this pandemic. In response, I wanted to ensure that our healthcare workers know that their work and compassion is truly appreciated by their community. I created this project to connect our community and its healthcare workers through words of encouragement and small, yet heart-felt gestures.



- Christine Riel, Founder