Providing art and craft activities for kids to stay occupied!

We want to provide kids with crafts and how-to videos  to keep them PRODUCTIVE and CREATIVE from the safety of their homes!



Encouraging creativity and mental
wellness through arts, crafts, and other activities

Our Research Process

What's the problem?

Parents and kids in our community are struggling to find ways to keep occupied during a time when staying at home is essential. Along with social distancing, young children have to cope with the loneliness and frustration of understanding why they are no longer able to go to school or have their usual play dates with their friends. 

What's our solution?

We want to give kids a chance to feel a part of the community. As teens who used to play and scribble only a few years ago, we want to provide kids with crafts and how-to videos to keep them productive
and creative from the safety of their homes. By doing so, kids are able to have fun as well as give parents time to catch up on work around the house or professionally


At a glance

- Krysta Mendoza, Founder

Prior to the quarantine, I routinely volunteered to help elementary school kids with special needs kids and I constantly played with the kids in my neighborhood. Anxious about the impact that the quarantine has had on these kids, I created this project to allow kids to have fun and be creative from the safety of their homes (and give parents time to catch up around the house !).




Krysta Mendoza


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