Building compassion for those protected by social distancing

Not everyone is aware of the quarantine's impact on our community members. We hope to build a robust archive of personal experiences to document life during the pandemic.

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Putting a face to those silenced during social distancing.

Our Research Process

What's the problem?

Social distancing is difficult. Many young, able-bodied people feel personally detached from the dangers of COVID-19. They are defying social distancing guidelines as a result, putting our community at risk. We must remember, however, that the protection of our most vulnerable relies on people’s sacrifice. We hope this project can serve as a moral boost and a pat on the back for those who need a reminder of why they have sacrificed normalcy. We, as young people, are the best people to take on this project since we are familiar with the ways and platforms that young people use to communicate. This is our way of apologizing for our generation’s behavior.

What's our solution?

Through six feet stories we hope to bring real human testimonies of people in high risk demographics in hopes of putting a face to the people that we are protecting through social distancing. By sharing personal stories we believe that we can help build a moral motivation in viewers to stay in doors. 

  • Create a comprehensive blog page to serve as a place to share stories and hold contact information 

  • Create coordinating Twitter and Instagram to share stories on the blog with a mobile audience 

  • Reach out to and interview at risk people to share their stories 

  • Resources Needed: Web page/blog, instagram, twitter, individuals willing to share their stories

Current efforts?

  • Other than individual news pieces and people sharing personal anecdotes on social media, there is no concrete hub to share stories of high risk individuals.

  • Additionally, our idea is unique as it will be a branch of the larger six feet solutions brand, which consists of a coalition of young people aiming to produce solutions for different problems produced by COVID-19.

  • Our measurables will consist of how many testimonies we can share and how many view these testimonies. We hope viewers gain an increased understanding on the soicla  social distancing then this project will be considered successful.

  • Looking forward: Throughout this m[m we hope to build a robust archive of personal experiences and testimonies which can be used to help document life during the time of COVID-19.

What's our strategy?

What's our vision?

At a glance

- Cassidy Bensko, Founder

Living in a home with two immunocompromised people, the immediate importance of practicing social distancing is easy to grasp. I do not have to imagine a demographic of at risk people that I did not know in order to motivate my social distancing. Seeing young and able-bodied people misunderstand the urgency of social distancing has made me wonder what I could do to help build empathy for high risk individuals because we as a collective are only as strong as our most vulnerable member.