Ensuring the maintenance of your physical & mental vitality

The quarantine has reminded us to remain attentive to our physical and mental health. We have provided resources that can help you to do so.



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Quarantine Cooking: Hiroko, Mushroom Cream Pasta

Hiroko (@hirokooking on Instagram) with One Pandemic Cooking shows us how to make a simple, yet delicious mushroom cream pasta using ingredients you already have in your home! 

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Helping our community members to retain their physical and mental well-being.


At a glance

- Jenine Mariano, Founder

Enduring the toll that the pandemic has had on my daily life, I discovered the joy and distraction of running and keeping up with physical fitness. I live in an active household. I have personally seen the mental and physical strain that the quarantine has had on my family, and I can empathize for all of the other members of the community lacking the facilities and resources to remain active. This has inspired me to create Six Feet Strong, which I hope will help to change the couch-potato-status-quo for teens in quarantine.




Jenine Mariano

Our Research Process

What's the problem?

The pandemic has millions of people inside, away from gyms and regular workout routines. Many use their workouts not only for physical wellness but also for mental wellness. Without these essential routines, isolation becomes worse and affects the mind and spirit. We even lost regular walks and hikes that enrich the lives of those who don’t regularly go to Soul Cycle or pilates. 

What's our solution?

We will reach out to the Santa Clarita Valley to remember to stay healthy during these long months. Specifically, we will create videos that inspire people to get moving at their own homes. We are going to use this time to reach out to physical fitness influencers (Mac) who already have the skillset and the expertise to give SCV workout routines that can build mind and body. The videos will all be housed on Instagram and on our home website and will be short and engaging so that people will be able to find a workout that works for them.

  • To build a website directing to social media platforms and features as well as what we do. 

  • Photos/videos of influencers (MAC!!!!)

  • Use these workouts to inspire people who don’t otherwise already workout to start this healthy routine, even after the pandemic has subsided.

  • We want to use Six Feet Strong to increase people’s physical and mental wellness now and in the future.

Current efforts?

  • People who are used to working can find Tik Toks or Youtube videos to fill their need to keep active, but there are few portals (particularly for free) where you can find a variety of workouts that suit a person’s needs.

  • We have forgotten to emphasize physical and mental wellness through easy, at-home workouts. With Six Feet Strong, we provide an outlet for people to normalize the idea that quarantine does not have to affect your physical health and well-being.

  • We want to make sure that the videos created by the influencers inspire people during a difficult time.

  • People who use these videos can share their experiences with the workouts on Instagram, and we will document success stories on our website

  • photos/videos of regular people using #sixfeetstrong

  • Lots of instagram stories/posts

What's our strategy?

What's our vision?