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Quarantine Cooking: Hiroko, Mushroom Cream Pasta

Hiroko (@hirokooking on Instagram) with One Pandemic Cooking shows us how to make a simple, yet delicious mushroom cream pasta using ingredients you already have in your home! 

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Helping our community members to retain their physical and mental well-being.


- Jenine Mariano, Founder

Enduring the toll that the pandemic has had on my daily life, I discovered the joy and distraction of running and keeping up with physical fitness. I live in an active household. I have personally seen the mental and physical strain that the quarantine has had on my family, and I can empathize for all of the other members of the community lacking the facilities and resources to remain active. This has inspired me to create Six Feet Strong, which I hope will help to change the couch-potato-status-quo for teens in quarantine.




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